Welcome to MyApartmentRent! This website is designed as a quick and simple portal for you to pay rent online. Your property has a unique Property Code. Simply enter your email with your community property code and pay rent online online.

Team MAR
If you are a property manager, leasing agent, condominium association manager, or owner and are interested in promoting your apartment/condominium rental community, please visit  MyRentComps.Com

MyApartmentRent.com is a convenience tool designed to bridge the gap between apartment owners/managers who do not accept online credit/debit card payments and residents who prefer to pay online. The website is for any apartment property that does not accept online payments but is targeting units owned by Independent Rental Owners who own/manage under 125 apartments per location.

Once you get the property code from the property/owner and log in, you will be able to either pay your rent online with a credit card processing company that has already been chosen by the property owner/management company. If the owner/management company has not accepted credit card payments in the past you can request that they accept payments online and recommend your preferred credit card processing company from a list of approved suppliers affiliated with their local apartment association.

In order to accept credit cards for Rent or other Charges, the owner or management company will need to be approved by the third party credit card company which could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days once they have submitted there information and they are approved. The fees are in the form of a convenience fee that is paid by the user no therein no cost to the owner in most cases.

Coming soon, upload yourphoto of your maintenance request and receive confirmation when the work was complete.

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